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The Navy League of the United States , Las Vegas Council

This site should offer you information on meeting locations, times, newsletters, as well as up-to-date feeds from the Navy News Service. We are also active in presenting the annual US Navy Birthday Ball.  If you are looking to support the sea services, looking to network, or to meet and reconnect with shipmates, this is the place for you.

Meetings - The Navy League Las Vegas council holds dinner meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, with the exception of  July and August. Each meeting has an interesting speaker.

Who We Are - The Navy League of the United States, Las Vegas Council is a non-profit civilian service organization,  that supports the Sea Services in the Las Vegas area. The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902, and is comprised of 65,000 members in 250 councils worldwide… more

 Our Navy League supports our Sea Services and informs Congress and our Politicians of significant issues and recommendations. All members and their friends may use Voice to Congress on a regular basis and the numbers of emails make a difference. Members should provide their name and address for Congress to accept their emails and using the standard email subject assists staff in sorting emails.

Sea Service News -

Our Navy League HQ posts working day lists of current Sea Service media coverage on our SeaPower homepage. The following link on council home pages is the best way for members to follow our Sea Services:

Additional information about Sea Services and Legislative Affairs may be seen at:

Council Support and information for our SAC Region can be provided by:

HQ LA Committee Co-Chair: Don Giles

SAC Region ND: Tom Wright


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